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The Latino Partnership Institute

The mission of the Latino Partnership Initiative is to improve our quality of life. The Latino Partnership is a vehicle that serves our community as a catalyst to unify, build, advocate and implement a comprehensive common agenda. Recognizing our diversity and respecting our culture and spiritual identity, the Latino Partnership will fortify and voice our social consciousness to move to organized action.

The mission of the Latino Leadership Institute is “to foment and nurture the development of civic leadership among emerging Latino/a leaders in the Delaware Valley. The Latino Leadership Institute will accomplish its mission through training, advocacy and support. The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to advance the well-being of the Delaware Valley’s Latino Community at the social, economic, cultural and political levels”. Below is GLAM'R our 2023 Graduating class

Latino Leadership Institute

Interested in applying for the Latino Leadership Institute? Click below to fill out an application!
Our Mission

Latino Golden Age

The Latino Golden Age Committee is a coalition of representatives from community-based organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of Philadelphia’s Latino elders.  Latino Golden Age was created to advocate, educate, and serve as a voice for the Latino elderly in Philadelphia. LGAC has served the community for over twenty years. We serve our Latino older adults through monthly workshops (Puentes de Oro) at the older adult centers. One of our goals is to bring back the intergenerational experience with Puentes de Oro. LGAC hosts an annual educational conference full of workshops, art, music, and food where we honor and celebrate our Seniors with Leadership awards; honorees are chosen by their peers. The strength of this committee has been possible through the organizational representation of the following: Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, SeniorLaw, Aramingo Adult Day Care, Norris Square Neighborhood Project, Norris Square Older Adult Center, Attorney General’s Office, Gateway Health, Penn Nursing, and CARIE.

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Puentes de Oro

Mini workshops through Latino Golden Age that promote cultural preservation and intergenerational learning.

Evolving Mothers & Toddlers

Meeting the needs of our community through family preservation, access to resources, prevention, and support to evolve the family unit to a happier and healthier version of themselves.

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