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The Institute of African American Mobilization

Queens United to Elevate & Empower the Next
Sister Incorporated

Started by Evelyn Bacon on February 24, 2007, "Queens" felt like a divine order from God. Bacon wanted to provide a safe space for African American women to share and let their guard down. She felt called to help women know their worth, to influence community involvement, and to work to help them get on their feet. The program started with Queens, then from there came Queens in Training. QIT helps young girls to build their self esteem. Throughout the year, there are workshops where women from the community come and tell their stories.


ABLE is a mixed group of community organizations and volunteers. Together, they do different events to help equip the community. Different fundraisers are held throughout the year. Please check the "Events" page to see what is coming up!

Advocates for Black Leadership & Equity


The Al-maun Boys Mentoring Program


AMP is male mentorship program designed to provide a safe space for young men. Originally for at-risk youth but now for everyone, AMP is currently in 4 public schools during the week, and on Saturdays for those who don’t attend those schools. The topics touched on during the sessions include self esteem, health & wealth (physical and mental), conflict resolution, anger management, and entrepreneurship. The program also has flag football tournaments, guest speakers, CPR sessions, Nutrition sessions, and lessons on Branding (how would you promote yourself?)



Mondays at John Bartram at 11am and 1pm (Grades ?)

Tuesdays at Benjamin B. Commegys at 9am (Grades 6-8)

Tuesdays at Commodore John Barry at 2:30pm (Grades 6-8)

Wednesdays at John Welsh at 2:30 pm (Grades 6-8)

Saturdays 10am-1pm every Saturday (Grades 6-12)

For more information, visit!

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